Influencing buyer behavior has always been a complex topic at the forefront in the minds of sales professionals. DiscoverOrg partnered with noted sales researcher and author, Steve W. Martin to complete a detailed study on buyer perceptions, assumptions and motivations. The results were compelling!

The decision to buy goes beyond individual buyer experience, into complex perceptions, assumptions and motivations that shift based on buyer persona. This informative webinar will give valuable insight to sales and marketing professionals that can help refine your selling approach and accelerate revenue growth.

In this webinar we share: 

  • Which sales approaches are effective and which ones aren't based on buyer persona
  • Which prospect groups are willing to take a chance on the underdog 
  • Preferred selling style by group behavior
  • Are buyers more instinctual or logical with their decisions?
  • How risk, group dynamics, buyer's remorse and other factors affect the sales process.

Join Katie Bullard, CGO of DiscoverOrg and Steve W. Martin on Thursday, September 14th as they discuss the various buyer perspectives and how that impacts your prospect's buying decisions.

Steve W Martin
Technology Sales Author, Sales Researcher | Founder Heavy Hitter Sales Training

Steve W Martin is the founder of the Heavy Hitter Sales training program. The Heavy Hitter Sales philosophy has helped over 75,000 sales people become top revenue producers at companies including IBM, AT&T, NEC, Staples, Allstate Insurance, and DHL. He is the author of , and "Heavy Hitter Sales Psychology". His books have been recommended by the Harvard Business School and Selling Power Magazine and he has been featured in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Katie Bullard
Chief Growth Office | DiscoverOrg

Katie brings over 15 years of industry experience leading marketing, product management, and corporate development in technology companies to DiscoverOrg; in her role as CGO, she is tasked with identifying and developing new growth opportunities, building the product and market strategy, and accelerating demand for the company's products. Fun fact: outside of work, she has participated in almost 30 triathlons over the last 8 years, including 2 Ironman 70.3 races, even though she hates cycling.

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