The first step in any go-to-market strategy is to identify your target market and key buyer personas, and develop a strategy to reach them. A smart outbound marketing initiative needs to include lead nurturing. The goal is to have a ongoing, repeatable marketing revenue engine, capable of going big.

A common challenge for growth marketers is not having a database that enables personalization or supports fast-track growth goals. Growth marketers need a way to continually build their house list with their ideal company targets and personas, using only reputable sources. The final hurdle is to approach your prospects in a way that captures attention, builds your reputation and engages them.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • 3 methods for building your database FAST!
  • How to avoid common mistakes that hurt your brand and block your sales
  • Smart, scalable personalization strategies for engaging your prospects

Joining us from Revenate Marketing is Tish Millsap, CEO & Senior Strategist and Karla Haley, Senior Marketo and Consultant on Thursday, October 12th to discuss best practices for scaling your B2B marketing strategy for hyper-growth.

Tish Millsap
CEO & SR. STRATEGIST | Revenate Marketing

Tish started Revenate to help marketing teams shine by unleashing their revenue generating potential. She’s a highly motivated, results-oriented marketer who has helped dozens of companies implement and sustain effective demand-gen and revenue-boosting solutions. Prior to Revenate, Tish held demand gen leadership roles for DotNetNuke, Taleo, and Monster Worldwide. Tish has a BA in Economics from Tufts University and a MBA from Emory University.

Karla Haley
SR. MARKETO & SFDC CONSULTANT | Revenate Marketing

With 18 years of B2B tech marketing experience, Karla specializes in helping companies get rapid, meaningful, business value from using Marketo and She is accomplished at translating tried-and-true marketing strategies into automation for clients such as, Nexonia, Incorta, Lavante, Boomerang Commerce, Skyhigh Networks, and more. Karla holds an MBA degree from the University of Minnesota, is a Certified Marketo Expert and a power user of

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