In this engaging webinar, DiscoverOrg Chief Revenue Officer, Patrick Purvis shows you how we, and other companies are getting up to a 30% response rate from email.

Using a simple framework, Patrick will detail the following key areas:

  • Cadence
  • Messaging
  • Data
  • Putting it all together
Whether you’re in sales or marketing, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your email messaging. If you’re getting less than 30%+ of your prospects to reply to you, this webinar could be a game changer.

Patrick Purvis
Chief Revenue Officer | DiscoverOrg

As Chief Revenue Officer, Patrick manages sales and customer success at DiscoverOrg where he is responsible for new account growth. Recently recognized as a 'Sales Development Leader You Should Know', Patrick has managed the growth of the DiscoverOrg sales organization from three to over forty people.

He is a graduate of Oregon State University where he studied Economics.

Nancy Nardin 
Founder & CEO | Smart Selling Tools 

Nancy is a pioneer in sales prospecting technology -- Before launching Smart Selling Tools in 2006, Nancy served in sales leadership roles at leading analyst firms such as Gartner Group and IDC. She worked closely with many of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms and the portfolio companies in their charge. She has, at one point or another, worked with more than 30 of the largest high-tech, and telecom firms in the country

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