How many of you spend thousands of dollars on Tradeshows? Do you struggle getting in front of the right people pre-show, during the show, or post-show? Have you ever lost an opportunity from a show because you didn’t have accurate information?


What you will learn:

  • Outbound Marketing strategies
  • How to find and identify the Decision Makers within the companies
  • How to efficiently Follow-Up with prospects after the show

 Join Steve Bryerton from DiscoverOrg as he discusses best practices to get the most out of your tradeshows

Steve Bryerton
VP of Sales | DiscoverOrg

Steve is the VP of Sales at DiscoverOrg. He has built a career of over 15 years of experience in demand generation, digital marketing, marketing communications, creative direction, and event marketing. He has created and implemented programs that produced and nurtured leads, bridged the gap between marketing and sales, and strengthened the company’s brand and reputation. He has also managed various creative projects and internal communications initiatives. Steve is the B2B and B2C "Idea Guy".