There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to executing a highly successful ABM program - and that includes your own!

ABM requires monitoring, evaluating, and reprioritizing throughout the program lifecycle. Join Nina Wooten, Sr. Manager of Outbound Demand Generation at DiscoverOrg, and Carlyn Manly, Head of Marketing at Folloze, as they walk through a 3-step process to evaluating the health of your account-based efforts.

The 3 key questions for an ABM Gutcheck are:

  • Are these still the right accounts?
  • Do we need to clean and append data in our database?
  • What do our wins and losses tell us?
Nina Wooten
Sr. Manager, Outbound Demand Gen | DiscoverOrg

Nina Wooten is the Senior Manager of Outbound Demand Generation at DiscoverOrg. Nina oversees all things outbound, from email marketing and webinars, to trade shows and events. Nina's team is responsible for generating leads and pipeline to feed an ever-growing SDR team at DiscoverOrg. Nina earned her BA in Marketing from Washington State University. Go Cougs!

Carlyn Manly
Head of Marketing | Folloze

Carlyn Manly is the Head of Marketing at Folloze, a leading Account Based Marketing (ABM) engagement platform that scales ABM efforts for enterprises worldwide.

Carlyn is a focused, strategic, high energy CMO who helps bring fast growing startups to the next level. She has repeatedly taken companies, from post Series A who have marketing debt and need to get their processes in place, from 0 to 60. Her super power is creating and instilling process, growing teams, and ensuring revenue goals are exceeded through smart marketing.
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