Do your reps know how to sell through the entire sales cycle?

You got the meeting. Now, let's get after the revenue.

Getting your prospects to a meeting is only half the battle, what happens beyond the meeting matters. 80% of deals require at least 5 more calls after the first meeting, and 44% of reps give up after the first follow up.

Join QualifiedMeetings’ CEO & Founder Matt Wheeler, and Chief Revenue Officer, Thomas Lafayette, along with Head of Sales Enablement at DiscoverOrg Dave Sill as they lay out the number one reason deals stall after the initial meeting and what you can do to empower your team to get the ROI of of the sales funnel. 

Matt Wheeler

CEO & Founder, QualifiedMeetings

Matt Wheeler is phenomenal visionary, highly skilled business associate, entrepreneur, and a proven sales leader with vast sales experience of more than 20 years. He hails from the Tampa, Florida and is the CEO and Co-founder of QualifiedMeetings. Having over 11 years in IT sales, Matt is equipped with a wide range of impeccable skills and attributes that have assisted him in guiding numerous organizations on their journey to revenue generation and growth.

Thomas Lafayette

Chief Revenue Officer, QualifiedMeetings

Thomas is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of success building, developing, motivating, and mentoring sales and operational organizations. Thomas is directly responsible for building high performing teams, which have generated more than $350M and have led to four successful acquisitions to companies such as Skanska, Riverbed, Infoblox and Fortinet. In his role as Chief Revenue Officer at qualifiedMEETINGS, Thomas is responsible for leading all go-to-market teams, including Sales, Marketing, Channels, and Alliances. 

David Sill

Head of Sales Enablement, DiscoverOrg

David Sill is an effective communicator and enthusiastic coach with a track record of building sustainable sales engines and motivating Sales and Customer Success teams within high-growth technology/services firms to over-achieve. Dedicated to the excellence of others, David leads the way he parents – by bringing self-confidence to the surface, leveraging individual strengths that we all possess, and cultivating a “yes I can” attitude to adapt and grow through the challenges.