Data quantity will never beat data quality. Tune in to hear a practical use case displaying how overall lead quality--both accuracy and the ability to target--was responsible for over a 4x difference in campaign results, in terms of leads emailed and the number of positive responses yielded.

SalesFolk, a highly trusted expert on outbound email for 500+ B2B sales and marketing teams, performed an independent study comparing results from an outbound marketing campaign using DiscoverOrg data versus ZoomInfo data. The objective was to establish which data provider could produce the best results for sales email campaigns

Specifics of study that will be covered in this webinar:

  • bounce rates
  • positive response rate
  • open rates
Heather Morgan

CEO| SalesFolk

Heather R. Morgan is an economist and the founder of Salesfolk, which has helped over 500 companies revitalize their sales prospecting strategies. Having written 10,000-plus cold emails in the past decade, Morgan has developed a new process for crafting mass email templates that still feel personal, combining copywriting best practices and game theory. Her cold emails see at least three times more responses than the industry average.

Steve Bryerton

VP of Sales | DiscoverOrg

Over 15 years of experience in demand generation, digital marketing, marketing communications, creative direction, and event marketing. Created and implemented programs that produced and nurtured leads, bridged the gap between marketing and sales, and strengthened the company’s brand and reputation. Managed various creative projects and internal communications initiatives. B2B and B2C experience. Idea Guy.

CMO, DiscoverOrg

Katie is responsible for leading the global marketing and growth functions at DiscoverOrg. She brings 15 years of marketing, product, and strategy experience in global, high-growth technology businesses to her role at DiscoverOrg. Prior to joining DiscoverOrg, Katie served in executive leadership roles at Mitratech, Accruent, and Hoover’s. She has a bachelor’s and masters degree from the University of Virginia.